The simplified description of how to work as a child caregiver and become a permanent resident. Edit

At all times you can look at this page for a Glossary of Terms and Government agencies mentioned below.

If at any point the Caregiver employee is having difficulty or abuse issues this website is a good place to start in Toronto.

In 2017 to research hiring a nannt - everything begins under the "Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP)"

The employee will be a "TFW" under the job description NOC code 4411.

The program is a matrix or network of application forms and proceses juggled between different government agencies.  It is a progression of steps and requirements but none of these are managed by a singular government agency. It is self managed or guided by legal help. When you attempt the next step in the process they audit whether you've completed all the requirements before allowing you to proceed to the following step.

NOW in 2017 it appears the departments involved are

the CIC (Citizenship Immigration Canada) who handle the work permit and other immigration forms, 1-888-242-2100

Employment and Social Development Canada who handle the Labour market Impact Assessment (LMIA),

and the Service Canada offices who process "some" of the documents on behalf of these agencies. 1-800-367-5693

According to this document back in 2012 -The TFWP was jointly managed by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC). The old system and websites can be confusing as they still exists but are expired. Ignore this content. Look for dates and references to this old system to understand if you are looking at out of date information.There was once a program called the "live in Care Giver Program". It is wrapping up and no longer allowing new applicants.

A Nanny looking for work in Canada and wanting to become a permanent resident needs to get an Employer-specific work permit and work for 2 years as an in-home child caregiver.

A family looking to hire a temporary foreign worker to care for their child in home may make a a Job Offer after they have already advertised in Canada for 4 weeks and failed to find a suitable candidate.

ESDC-EMP5628 is the In-Home Caregiver Labour market impact asessment application form for Employers.(Confirmed Nov 2017 by calling "Service Canada - Temporary Foreign Workers Program" who process the applications on behalf of "Employment and Social Development Canada". 1-800-367-5693 )

EMP5604 is the Schedule I - In-Home Caregiver Employer/Employee Contract neccesary to submit with the LMIA.

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A Breakdown of Steps from the Nanny's perspective.Edit

Step 1: Prepare information about yourself

Organize all the possible qualifications and reference details into one document like a profile / resume. This step is first but you must always revisit it and update it. Click HERE for more. Reference the NOC Code 4411 below for an outline of the sort of profile you should fit.

Prepare a list of preferences and statements about your work environment. Many people may be uneducated and confused about what a nanny is to do and what is not allowed.

1: "I am looking for a 2 year contract to go with my goal of becoming a permanent resident of Canada. This means I will need a minimum of 30 hours a week and the family will become my employer. Being close to transit or downtown Toronto is a plus. Children ages __ and __, etc"

Step 2: Get a job Offer

Make contact with one or several prospective families to work for. Look online, through agencies or word of mouth.

for more Several is best because if you invest weeks with just 1 family and negotiations fall apart or they simply back out because of the investment level you are set back a great deal. Having multiple job offers allows you to have confidence in negotiating your wage / conditions. You will end up getting a better situation when the job begins.

Step 3: Your employer must apply for a LIMA

SEE wiki page Steps for Employers

The employer must get a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) before you submit your application for a work permit. The job in question is reffered to as In Home Caregiver and you need to memorize the National Occupation Code NOC 4411 which describes your job!

Step 4: With a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment AND a Job offer you may now apply for a work permit with your job offer.

After the family has advertised for 4 weeks in Canada without a suitable candidate found who meets all their job terms the family then issues you a contract / job offer. By this point in time they should have a business number for taxation purposes, a free thing to set up and minimal paperwork. This prepares them to pay you and the government the appropriate taxes.

If you get your work permit and begin work in Canada then please review this wiki page

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